Wildbeliever (a.k.a. Nick Dade) is an Electronic Musician, Songwriter and Producer located in
the South of England.

Wildbeliever's sound is distinctive, often described as retro, combining the classic style of the
early synth pioneers with current sounds and textures. His songs and music are influenced by
everyday observations, situations and distractions. Love, want, disdain, disappointment,

He gravitated to synthesizers at 15 after being captivated by the early electronic pioneers such as
the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Giorgio Moroder & Tubeway Army. His first live shows soon followed.

After years of closet writing and recording, Disconnected is Wildbeliever's first self penned


He has also previously remixed tracks for artists such as United Ghosts of Los Angeles and


In 2015, Wildbeliever took to the TAG stage in front of 800 people as the penultimate
band at Brickhillfest in Wiltshire (his second appearance there, having previously impressed the

Wildbeliever is currently working on a new EP alongside the ongoing promotion of ‘Disconnected’.