Flying by! Part I

I don’t know about you but I can’t quite believe that Quarter 1 of 2018 is all but over and we’re now into British Summertime already?!

Since putting the finishing touches to my Disconnected EP over the Christmas period, time seems to have flown by at an alarming rate and, here we are, heading into Spring.

Disconnected was released on 18th January across all of the major online digital music stores on 773602 Records DK and is also available on CD for a limited run. The EP consists of four tracks:-

Track 1: I Yearn for You (ft. Georgia Ainsworth)

Retro pop vibe with a catchy groove. Georgia’s vocal is sublime and I’m very grateful to her for agreeing to guest on the track

Track 2: Artificial Intelligence

Regularly taken as an anti-Trump lyric (which I suppose it could be), this track takes a swipe at the white noise of modern life

Track 3: Blind

A rich piano and strings track, devoid of percussion. Interestingly, there are many takes on the meaning of the lyrics (which is great). Ironically, this track (I guess due to its more conventional instrumentation) has been picked up and put on rotation by Rock Radio stations such as The Flash on Air – thank you for the support guys

Track 4: Under the Same Sky

Instrumental track which allows the listener to conjure up their own mental film footage. Film music, TV music, driving music – just some of the comments I’ve received. It’s wonderful that it means so many different things to so many people.

The EP was released and was picked up almost immediately by Kev Lawrence of Castledown FM. He invited me on to his show and we had a blast. I honestly thought that it would be a quick chat and a spin of one of the tracks and that would be it...

...Instead, it became a bit of a ‘This is Your Life’ and he played the first two tracks from Disconnected. I’m very grateful to him for his unwavering support. When I received the recording of the show, I decided to put some images to it and turn it into a storyboard.

#Wildbeliever #disconnected

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